Trick or Treat Me

Trick or Treat Me


What’s Halloween without the sight of Trick or Treaters at your door? Make your next Halloween a special and truly unforgettable occasion and bring your entire community together for an evening of delicious treats, creative costumes and scary decorations and lots and lots of fun!

TrickorTreatme allows you to register your household’s interest, alongside your address and availability so that the Trick or Treaters in the neighborhood will know you’re just as excited as they are to participate. What’s more, our website lets you plan your entire evening in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises or disappointment, and turn Halloween into the magical occasion it was always supposed to be.

Increase the flow of little ghosts and ghouls on the big night and enjoy the perks of having a fun evening with your kids, while getting to know your neighbours and having them admire your marvelous Halloween decoration. Registration is completely free – just follow the instructions, then stock up on treats and count the days ‘till the fun begins!

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