2018 Creative Writing Competition Winner

“Thera, it’s nearly Halloween!” squeals my 9-year-old sister, Jesma, rushing into my bedroom, shaking me out of my half-asleep state, “Come on we have to go to get my costume!” Like always, she is over excited about Halloween. She drags me out of bed and I get dressed and get some money.

As we walk down the road toward the shop, Jesma chattering away about how she wants to be witch this year, I get a glimpse of an outline of a beautiful, ghostly girl, a layer of ice at her feet. I gasp “What was that?” cutting my sister off mid-sentence. “There’s nothing there, Thera” she responds lightly, brushing it off, and she is right, there is nothing there now, not even the ice. We get to the shop, I help my sister find a costume that she likes, and we go home. On the way home all I can think about is that shadowy girl.

In my sleep my dreams are haunted by the girl. When I wake up I find a layer of sweat all over my body. I glance over at my clock, 6:54, I should get up. I trudge into the kitchen to the freezer and pull out two pieces of bread. My mum is at the bench, I won’t bother telling her about the strange person I saw, she probably won’t believe me, I’m not even sure if I believe it myself.


“What’s the day today?” I mumble dully in my sleep, rolling over in my bed. It’s Halloween. I open my eyes and stretch, swing my legs over the edge of the bed and get a glimpse of a pearly white, slightly transparent girl wearing a ragged dress and no shoes slipping into my wardrobe. She looked just like the figure I saw on the road, only clearer and I could actually see her features. I screamed.

My mum rushes into my room, Jesma only steps behind her. “What happened?” Jesma enquired. I told her about the ghost girl in my wardrobe. I rush over to the wardrobe. On everything in there, there is a thin layer of ice. This time I knew I wasn’t imagining it. Jesma laughed and said “Nice trick, Thera, just in time for Halloween” I try to insist that it’s not a trick, but they’re already gone out of my room.

That night I decided to go to bed early while my sister was out trick or treating with her friends. I didn’t know that she never came home.

At 3:00am that night, I heard my door creaking open. I sat bolt upright and saw the ghost girl standing in my door way her beautiful face looking directly at me. Beside her, ghostly white companion, staring vacantly ahead with blank, white eyes, at the last moment I thought I saw the ghost girl smile.

Beside her was my sister.