How can Halloween help build resilience in children?

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Aug 15, 2017
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How can Halloween help build resilience in children?

As if we didn’t need more reasons to dress the kids up and throw a party!

If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re probably already on team Halloween. But maybe you’re looking for help to get the other Mums and Dads over the line with celebrating this October 31. We’ve got you covered.

Getting the kids together for a bit of dress-up fun, hosting a party and maybe even venturing out for some doorknocking makes for a fun-filled, kid-friendly activity. But wait, there’s more.

Halloween can help your child build their resilience. While the debate rages on about swapping out candy (lollies) for healthier alternatives, we look at the health benefits of a Halloween celebration in assisting with your child’s development.

Dressing up as a form of self-expression

Halloween is a chance for children to get creative and design a costume that reflects their individual style. This is the perfect opportunity to talk to your child about their tastes and preferences, and encourage them to show a bit of their personality.

As self-esteem is a key factor in strengthening your child’s resilience, we recommend you get involved with your child’s costume development and let them know you support their creative choices to help boost their confidence. By organising a group through your school, neighbourhood or family and friends to all dress up and get involved, you’ll ensure a supportive network that celebrates difference and creates a safe environment for your child to express them self.

Safe space for communication

Trust is key to building resilience in children; trust that the world is a safe place and that there are people to help and care for them. Trick-or-treating is a time where your child can talk to (potentially) strangers or little-well known neighbours, with you or another trusted adult by their side.

With this safe, supported environment and an easy conversation starter, even the shyest of children will be made to feel more confident with each knock at the door. The trick-or-treat script is easy to follow and provides clear boundaries. Your kids will feel supported by having your backing, but allowing them to engage in the conversation will encourage independence.

Developing a sense of community

Encouraging friendships is a key step for your child’s development and one that will help in growing their resilience. Halloween is the perfect excuse to bring together your children’s friends to foster their sense of community and belonging; one of our most basic human needs.

With birthday parties, the attention is on one child, but with Halloween, it’s for all the kids! Hosting a party allows for all those within your child’s network who want to get involved to do so. It’s a bit of light-hearted fun paired with the excitement of dressing up that allows kids to be a part of something together.

Trick-or-treaters are one of the few types of door-knockers that people love. Make sure you let it be known that your kids will be visiting the area so that household owners can get in the spirit, are prepared to engage in conversation, and hopefully give out delicious treats!

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