Halloween Costumes

Let your imagination run wild and get into the mood by donning the best Halloween Costume this October 31st!  Why settle for a ghoul or a ghost when you go Trick or Treating – get some inspiration and ideas by checking out our simple home made fun ideas below. 


  • Minion Costume

    Minion Costume
    We bet your little Minion will want to wear this adorable yellow hat all winter long.
  • Scuba Diver Costume

    Scuba Diver Costume
    Now for something completely different for Halloween - a Scuba Diver!
  • Lego Boy

    Lego Boy
    Your little lego lover will go crazy over this cute Lego Halloween costume. And you'll love that its oh so easy to create!
  • Fox Costume

    Fox Costume
    What does the fox say? Create this cute little fox outfit in a flash at home.
  • Luke Skywalker Costume

    Luke Skywalker Costume
    May the Force by With You!
  • Pretty Pink Flamingo

    Pretty Pink Flamingo
    Halloween doesn’t have to be all about ghosts, ghouls and witches. For something cute and simple, try this pink flamingo costume!
  • Strawberry Costume

    Strawberry Costume
    This adorable Halloween costume for your little one is so easy to make and will surely make everyone smile.
  • Funny Carrot Costume

    Funny Carrot Costume
    This simple Carrot Halloween costume is sure to get people talking! Even better, it's no-sew, you just need to make the top!
  • Snail Costume

    Snail Costume
    This snail Halloween costume is slime-free and oh so adorable. Your little trick-or-treater wears the shell like a backpack.
  • Skeleton Costume

    Skeleton Costume
    It’s Halloween and that means its time to get our spook on! This home-made Skeleton costume is hassle-free and fits the bill.
  • Mickey Mouse Costume

    Mickey Mouse Costume
    Mickey Mouse is such a classic choice and this Halloween costume is cheap and easy to make.
  • Gumball Machine Costume

    Gumball Machine Costume
    Your little one is sure to get amazing reactions this Halloween with this gumball machine costume. It’s simpler to make than it looks!
  • Super Mario Brothers Costumes

    Super Mario Brothers Costumes
    Mario and Luigi are iconic and these Halloween costumes are easy to make and so fun!
  • Spider Costume

    Spider Costume
    What would Halloween be without spiders? This costume is creepy and cute at the same time.
  • Spider Web Costume

    Spider Web Costume
    Halloween can be spooky and cute and this spider web costume is proof of that!
  • Scarecrow Costume

    Scarecrow Costume
    This adorable scarecrow costume will bring a touch of Wizard of Oz to your Halloween celebrations!
  • Rain Cloud Costume

    Rain Cloud Costume
    You’ve seen costumes of monsters, various animals, occupations, and more, but have you seen a costume based on a weather phenomenon? A unique idea for this Halloween!
  • Jelly Belly Costume

    Jelly Belly Costume
    This Jelly Belly costume is guaranteed to bring even more sweetness to your Halloween. And it’s super easy to make!
  • Race Driver Costume

    Race Driver Costume
    At full speed toward Halloween with this snazzy race car driver costume that’s easy and cheap to make!
  • Paint Brush Costume

    Paint Brush Costume
    Inanimate object costumes are not very common, but this artistic idea will make your child’s Halloween special.
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