Halloween Costumes

Choosing a costume is one of the best parts about Halloween. That's why these homemade Halloween costumes are the way to go, whether you're looking for creative ideas for babies, toddlers, kids, or adults.

Let your imagination run wild and get into the mood by donning the best Halloween Costume this October 31st!  Why settle for a ghoul or a ghost when you go Trick or Treating – get some inspiration and ideas by checking out our simple home made fun ideas below. 

Halloween is the time to get creative with a fun costume. Whether its a traditional witch or a funny carrot, there is a Halloween Costume for everyone, so get creative!

Whether you're aiming to be scary, funny, or a combination of the two, these Insta-worthy DIY Halloween costumes can easily be made with everyday items you already have on hand and a few last-minute Amazon Prime finds that will arrive just in the nick of time. Even if you don't consider yourself particularly crafty, these ideas are easy enough that the most glue gun-challenged among us can find something that works. 

  • Jellyfish Costume

    Jellyfish Costume
    This costume idea from the deep sea is so fun and unique and will light up your Halloween!
  • Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer
    This cool internet explorer pun costume is fun and easy to make
  • Ultramarine

    Depending on the weather, their will be a 7+ foot tall ultra marine from warhammer walking around
  • Adorable Cactus Costume

    Adorable Cactus Costume
    Easy and adorable, this cactus costume is a great way to make a statement this Halloween. This is super cheap, and you can whip it up in a few hours!
  • Kitty Kat Costume

    Kitty Kat Costume
    Attention all cat ladies! This is absolutely the best kitty cat costume for the committed feline and Halloween lovers alike!
  • Hot Pink Flamingo

    Hot Pink Flamingo
    This ridiculously fun adult pink flamingo costume will put you right at the top of the funky costumes.
  • Taco Costume

    Taco Costume
    Taco ‘bout a fun, sexy and cute Halloween costume! This costume is super easy and fun to make and it is all worth crumpling felt and getting glue on your hands on a weekend.
  • Fun Hot Dog Costume

    Fun Hot Dog Costume
    An adorable walking talking hotdog. Hilarious right? How would you like to go in a hotdog costume for Halloween this year? And the best part is, you will fit right in with a couple of walking, talking ketchup and mustards!
  • Cute Pineapple Costume

    Cute Pineapple Costume
    It’s not cute-ish, but it is SUPER CUTE! For those who are yet to choose a Halloween costume, this easy and super cheap pineapple will make a memorable costume.
  • DIY Popcorn Costume

    DIY Popcorn Costume
    It’s never too late to get ready for Halloween! Even it means going as a fun movie snack! This surprisingly easy and fun costume is also hardly going to cost you as much as an actual popcorn.
  • Easy Minnie Mouse Costume

    Easy Minnie Mouse Costume
    Who wouldn’t love to travel back in time to those Saturday mornings with Disney cartoons and cereal? Better yet, who wouldn’t love to be them for one night! This super cute and easy Minnie costume will make you the life of the Halloween party!
  • Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Costume

    Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Costume
    Getting ready to make a statement for Halloween this year? If you have a free weekend coming up, this is a great way to let the creativity flow and come up with a great costume!
  • Ice cream Cone Costume

    Ice cream Cone Costume
    Need a little inspiration to start with your Halloween costume this year? How about a super cute upside-down ice-cream cone?
  • It's Raining Men!

    It's Raining Men!
    Halleluiah! It’s raining men! Super creative right? Did you know that it is super easy to make too? Not every Halloween costume has to spooky. You can run with a cute-creative combo too.
  • Mary Poppins Costume

    Mary Poppins Costume
    “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” This Mary Poppins costume is not just easy, cheap and super cute it is also a great way to travel back to your childhood for this Halloween!
  • Starbucks Frappacino

    Starbucks Frappacino
    How about dressing up as something totally different this Halloween, and going as something you love, a Starbucks Frappuccino!
  • Fruit Loops Costume

    Fruit Loops Costume
    Just because you don’t eat fruit loops anymore it doesn’t mean you can’t wear the greatest breakfast cereal of all time! If you are ready to do some paper mache over a free weekend, this sugar cereal costume will make for a wonderful Halloween cost
  • Queen Bee Costume

    Queen Bee Costume
    Still deciding on your Halloween costume for this year? This queen bee costume is a wonderful option. Dress your partner up as a bee-keeper to complete the look!
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