Scarecrow Costume

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Scarecrow Costume

With a pair of overalls and a plaid shirt, you can add decorations and details and create this intricate costume that will look amazing. Use various scraps to create patches on the overalls, for example with felt, burlap, fabric scraps, etc. You can use hot glue to attach these to the overalls in clusters and add pieces of raffia to mimic hay and little flowers and leaves to complete the effect.

Scarecrow costume ingredients

For the hat you can either create your own using felt or find an old straw hat from a thrift store. Be sure to decorate that too, with fabric or flowers, to top the costume off. You can also use brown eye liner to create details on the child’s face.


This costume will look so unique and it takes limited time and supplies to make. A definite win for Halloween! 


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Scarecrow Costume