COVID Safe at Halloween

We want all the little Halloween critters to have fun and stay safe this October 31st, so here are TrickorTreatMe’s top  tricks for a  COVID safe and happy Halloween!

Check with Local Regulations

COVID 19 has impacted on all of us differently, and there are many differences in regulations between states, territories and countries. So if you are planning to Trick or Treat, hold a Halloween party or Welcome Trick or Treaters, be sure to check out and follow the COVID regulations in your region.

For areas with strict lockdowns, using the “Decorations Only” registration on the map is a great way to still get into the Halloween spirit, and allows families to find local homes for “Drive By’s” to continue the fun of Halloween, even if Trick or Treating is not allowed.

Wrapped Lollies

If you are planning on handing out treats this year, stick to individually packaged treats. This way the little devils and thier adult demons will know that the sweets will be safe to eat!

Keep Groups Small

If you do decide to Trick or Treat, try to keep your marauding down to smaller packs this year.  This will help you more easily comply with social distancing restrictions this year.

Masks, Gloves and Hand Sanitizer

If you decide to Trick or Treat this year, consider wearing face masks and gloves, or taking hand sanitizer along.

For households, consider a gorey mask and disposable gloves for handing out lollies.