Boo Front Door Design

You can make this in about 20 minutes, there really is no excuse not to try. You can use thin, lightweight wooden letter that spell the word BOO, spray paint them black and add black glitter. It’s best to do this in small batches so that the glitter has a chance to stick to the letters before the paint dries. Once your letters are dry you can spray them again with a clear protective spray just to make sure the glitter doesn’t fall off. This step is optional of course.

Using orange sparkly ribbon (or any ribbon of your choice), wrap two letters at a time and staple the ends of the ribbon, making sure the stapled ends are at the back of the letters so that they aren’t visible. Take some extra ribbon and make a loop at the top of the B. That is how you hang the sign to your door.

It’s as simple as that! A sparkly, glittery sign that perfectly captures the essence of Halloween.

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