Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

This project looks very sophisticated and impressive but it’s simple to make. The main thing you will need are inexpensive and lightweight witch hats, look in local shops for what you can find or order them online. You will also need fishing line and LED lights or glow sticks to make the luminaries. Firstly think where you want to hang your witch hats and add command hooks to these spots. Use a needle and string fishing line through to the inside of the hat, exiting from the tip. Do not pull all the fishing line through the hat, leave some on the outside. Remove the needle and tie the fishing line around a safety pin. Use this to attach the LED light or glow stick to the inside of the hat.

Now just tie a loop at the end of the fishing line and use it to hang the hat on the command hook and your decoration is ready.

You can make just one floating hat or as many as you like, and display them inside or outside of the house. They will look magical all lit up on Halloween night!

Courtesy of https://www.polkadotchair.com

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