Ghosts in a Jar

You will need mason jars of course, but the real fun part will be making the ghosts. These will sit on the lids of the mason jars and the jars will be displayed upside down. To start you will have to build a base for the ghost, using wooden materials like ball knobs, spools and pieces of dowel. Start with the spools and hot glue them on the jar lid. Cut the wooden dowel in pieces to the height you want your ghost to be. Be careful not to make it too high or the jar will not close. Use additional pieces of dowel if you want to add arms, making sure that these will fit through the mouth of the jar. The add the ball part for the head and you’re done with the base. You can experiment with different heights to add variety to your jars.

Now to make the ghosts themselves. Use a few layers of cheesecloth and immerse it in liquid starch or white craft glue diluted with a little water. Squeeze out the excess liquid and drape the cheesecloth over the ghost form, shaping it how you want. Allow it dry completely and then draw eyes on the ghost with a black marker. Add the lid back on the mason jar and your little ghost is now trapped inside.

For an added touch you can use scrapbook paper to decorate the lids of the jars.

These little ghosts will look great decorating your home this Halloween!

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