Halloween Garbage Bag Spider

For those of you who love a big impact on a tiny budget, my garbage bag spider is the answer! This great outdoor Halloween decoration looks great and get lots of wows. And it’s so easy to make, even someone with almost no artistic skill, like me, can pull it off.

You will need ten cheap black garbage bags, two red plastic cups, glue, sticky tape and fill. I used hay, but shredded paper would work as well or better.

For the body, half fill a garbage bag and tape the top over to make a large round shape. Do the same with the head, but slightly smaller.

For the legs, tape the bags into quarters lengthways and fill one section to make an elongate shape. Tape up both ends and tape each leg to the body.

Cut the tops off the two red plastic cups and tape those to the head for eyes.

Arrange the spider on the lawn. Bend the legs and tape the bend to create knees. I used tent pegs to keep the legs in place.