Halloween Decorations

Decorating your house to reflect the Halloween spirit is just as fun as Trick or Treating. Make your house enticing and draw the neighborhood’s witches, warlocks and ghouls out for an evening they are not likely to forget!

Forget about the store-bought décor or the expensive boutique pieces that will be stashed away in boxes once Halloween is over. We at TrickorTreat me are all about the creative solutions that won’t break the bank. Let your inner child go wild and turn your favorite piece of scissors into your best pal for the holiday – you can do wonders with only as much of a garbage bag, some old newspapers, a permanent marker and a colorful string.


  • Ghost Bottles

    Ghost Bottles
    Impress your friends with these ghastly simple glass bottle ghost Halloween decorations!
  • Easy as Bats

    Easy as Bats
    These cute little flying bats will make any home Halloween ready! Best of all, they are super easy to make.
  • Garbage Bag Cobwebs

    Garbage Bag Cobwebs
    These super cheap and easy garbage bag cobwebs will set off your Halloween theme perfectly. So quick, easy and cheap to make, these will soon become a favourite go to at Halloween.
  • Ombre Wine Bottles

    Ombre Wine Bottles
    With this idea you can use upcycling to make a fun decoration for your home using bottles spray painted in an ombre Halloween pattern.
  • Ghosts in a Jar

    Ghosts in a Jar
    Can Halloween be spooky and cute at the same time? With this ghost in a jar decoration, it can!
  • Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

    Enchanting Halloween Lanterns
    These magical lantern decorations will make your house look like a dream this Halloween!
  • Bat Banner

    Bat Banner
    This bat banner Halloween decoration is easy to make, looks elegant, and can be used in so many ways!
  • Cardboard box spiders

    Cardboard box spiders
    A creepy crawly Halloween decoration that’s fun and easy to make.
  • Pumpkin Popsical Stick Door Hanger

    Pumpkin Popsical Stick Door Hanger
    This Popsicle stick door hanger Halloween decoration is simple to make and your little ones can help you!
  • Halloween Wine Glass Candle Holders

    Halloween Wine Glass Candle Holders
    These fun repurposed wine glass decorations will be perfect for any Halloween party!
  • Monster Rocks

    Monster Rocks
    These cute and colourful monster rocks are a great Halloween decoration project to do with the kids.
  • Lisa Guymer

    Lisa Guymer
    6th year running a full haunted maze through your ghostly garage! This year’s theme...... Guymer CarnEVIL! Step right up to our haunted circus! Gold coin donation for entry!
  • Dome Cafe Kingsley

    Dome Cafe Kingsley
    Our friendly witch flies in each year at this time and brings her ghostie and ghoulie friends with her, along with a few eight legged beasties and lots of things that go bump in the night. She loves to redecorate our café so that she feels more at home.
  • Grovedales Creepy Cemetery

    Grovedales Creepy Cemetery
    Be prepared to walk through the creepy cemetery grounds to get to the treats
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