Halloween Decorations

Decorating your house to reflect the Halloween spirit is just as fun as Trick or Treating. Make your house enticing and draw the neighborhood’s witches, warlocks and ghouls out for an evening they are not likely to forget!

Forget about the store-bought décor or the expensive boutique pieces that will be stashed away in boxes once Halloween is over. We at TrickorTreat me are all about the creative solutions that won’t break the bank. Let your inner child go wild and turn your favorite piece of scissors into your best pal for the holiday – you can do wonders with only as much of a garbage bag, some old newspapers, a permanent marker and a colorful string.


  • Ghostly Door

    Ghostly Door
    Make a ghoulish first impression with this five-minute Halloween door. First, tape paper streamers to the front door, overlapping the strips to give a wrapped look. Then, cut sheets of black and white construction paper into circles to make eyes. Place th
  • Easy Jack 'o' Lanterns

    Easy Jack 'o' Lanterns
    Love a Jack 'o' Lantern but cant commit to all that pumpkin carving? We have the quick and easy solution.
  • Ghostly Glow

    Ghostly Glow
    Here is a super cheap and cheerful decorating idea: Draw spooky faces on empty, clean gallon milk jugs, then fill with white holiday lights to decorate your porch or walkway with a ghostly Halloween glow.
  • Ghostly Garland

    Ghostly Garland
    It doesn't get much easier than this to create a spooky decoration for inside or out. The best part is you can substitute materials for whatever is lying around the house. Simply cut out cheesecloth fabric squares. Roll newspaper balls up to create the he
  • Simple Graves

    Simple Graves
    These mulch and garden stake graves are super easy, super quick, and can be used in the garden after Halloween!
  • Garbage bag ghost face

    Garbage bag ghost face
    Create this ghostly face out of garbage bags
  • Giant Eyeball

    Giant Eyeball
    Decorate your front porch or yard this Halloween season with giant bloodshot eyeballs that trick-or-treaters will remember year after year.
  • Googly Eyes Wreath

    Googly Eyes Wreath
    This super fun decoration using googly eyes on ping pong balls will brighten up your Halloween!
  • Picket Fence Halloween Countdown

    Picket Fence Halloween Countdown
    As Halloween approaches, the excitement grows. With this delightful decoration your little ones will be able to count down the days until it’s time for trick-or-treating.
  • Glowing Eyes

    Glowing Eyes
    This brilliant Halloween decoration idea is cheap and easy to make and oh so spooky!
  • Spooky Snake Basket

    Spooky Snake Basket
    Halloween is the perfect excuse to decorate the exterior of your home and this spooky snake basket decoration will make your visitors look over their shoulder.
  • Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

    Floating Witch Hat Luminaries
    A whimsical decoration for Halloween that will bring magic to your home!
  • Paint Drip Monster Pots

    Paint Drip Monster Pots
    These decorations are monstrously fun to make for Halloween and your little ones are sure to enjoy making them and looking at them.
  • Venus Fly Trap Candy Holder

    Venus Fly Trap Candy Holder
    Apart from being a really spooky looking decoration, this Audrey II candy holder will make sure trick-or-treaters will find something sweet even if you’re not at home on Halloween.
  • Boo Front Door Design

    Boo Front Door Design
    This BOO sign decoration needs very few items to make but will add a special touch to your front door this Halloween.
  • Monster Door

    Monster Door
    These fun scary monster doors are limited only by your imagination. very quick and easy way to decorate your home for Halloween.
  • Cheap and Easy Outdoor DIY Pumpkins

    Cheap and Easy Outdoor DIY Pumpkins
    Buying plastic outdoor pumpkins is expensive!! Make your own and save a bunch of $$! It is definitely worth the time. Look how adorable they are?!!
  • Headless Helper

    Headless Helper
    This creepy headless helper will get all the little ghosts and goblins talking!
  • Haunted House

    Haunted House
    The haunted house is getting bigger!!
  • Halloween Garbage Bag Spider

    Halloween Garbage Bag Spider
    For those of you who love a big impact on a tiny budget, my garbage bag spider is the answer! This great outdoor Halloween decoration looks great and get lots of wows.
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