Halloween Decorations

Decorating your house to reflect the Halloween spirit is just as fun as Trick or Treating. Make your house enticing and draw the neighborhood’s witches, warlocks and ghouls out for an evening they are not likely to forget!

Forget about the store-bought décor or the expensive boutique pieces that will be stashed away in boxes once Halloween is over. We at TrickorTreat me are all about the creative solutions that won’t break the bank. Let your inner child go wild and turn your favorite piece of scissors into your best pal for the holiday – you can do wonders with only as much of a garbage bag, some old newspapers, a permanent marker and a colorful string.


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  • Kiah Edwards

    Kiah Edwards
    My werewolf is waiting to greet the little goblins and ghoulish creatures of the night
  • Swamp Shack

    Swamp Shack
    See the haggard old couple who live in the derelict swamp shack in Western Sydney.
  • Window painting

    Window painting
    Lock shock and barrel - hand painted
  • Sally’s lament

    Sally’s lament
    Hand painted imagery of Sally from the nightmare before Christmas
  • Pumpkin Patch

    Pumpkin Patch
    A great photo op for parents, children and friends to take a picture in front of a scarecrow in a pumpkin altar!
  • Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!
    Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat.
  • Haunted house/Maze

    Haunted house/Maze
  • Kelly rinaldibull

    Kelly rinaldibull
    Spiderwebs ghosts and more allergy safe treats.
  • The Bone Yard

    The Bone Yard
    This year we are decorating as The Bone Yard. Skeletons, spiders and tomb stones.
  • Front yard

    Front yard
  • Front yard 2

    Front yard 2
  • Front yard 3

    Front yard 3
  • Spooky Trail

    Spooky Trail
    Are you brave enough to take the spooky trail to treat nirvana?
  • 2018

    The 2018 arrangement was just the beginning of a great night of spooks
  • 2018 garden

    2018 garden
    Ghastly pumpkins, shrunken pineapples, and gasping capsicum.
  • Spider lights

    Spider lights
    Coloured lights mixed with spider webs and other decorations. I will take photos during the day tomorrow x
  • Tree lights

    Tree lights
    Lights I've wrapped around a shrub (used to have two of them but one got hit by a drunk driver at 8am, happy Halloween!!) To attract people lurking on Halloween night 💃
  • Misty Anscombe

    Misty Anscombe
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