Lisa Guymer

Ladies and Gentlecreeps, boys and gargoyles, and other nonspecific gendered Ghouls!

Halloween is just around the corner and so are we!

Come one, Come all to Wentworth Court Nambour for this year’s Gruesome Guymer Halloween extravaganza!

Its a Creepy Circus Carnival with plenty of death defying (or maybe death encouraging) sights to behold.

Step right up and be disturbed by freaks, incredibly gruesome magic, have some fun with the clowns and hold your breath as you experience our Trap…eze!

Entry price is a generous donation of small children to feed to the circus creatures, OR a couple of gold coins will also suffice.

Big top will open at 4:30pm,

Be there for a decent scare! It will be frightfully fun!!