Ombre Wine Bottles

Instead of chucking them out for recycling, keep some empty glass bottles and use them for this project. First you will need to remove the labels from the bottles, you can do this by soaking them in hot water and the labels should come off. Then use cardboard to protect the surface you will be working on and get to painting your bottles. Always try to use spray paint outside or in a very well-ventilated area. Use candy corn colors, white, orange, and yellow. First start by spray painting the entire bottle white. Then use orange in the middle and lastly yellow at the bottom. You can also add another layer of white on the top to create a drip effect if you want.

You can display these bottles in your home for a colorful Halloween effect, use them as vases or candle holders and pair them with pumpkins and other decorations to create a centerpiece. The options are endless!

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