Picket Fence Halloween Countdown

This decoration needs minimum supplies and maximum creativity. You can use a piece of picket fence or wooden boards from the hardware store, the employees there should be able to help you cut it down to your preferred size. Then you need to paint it. White in this case, but black would also work great. Spray paint might not work as well, so use whatever works best to get an opaque effect.

Then comes the fun part of painting on the saying: “When witches go riding and black cats are seen, tis  X days until Halloween.” You can use paint markers or brushes and different Halloween colors like black and orange. For the countdown, find a small plate or tray that you can paint with chalkboard paint and you can use this for the countdown. Add any other embellishments that you like, like ribbons or fabric, and you’re done!

This sign will decorate the inside or the outside of your home in the best way leading up to Halloween.

Courtesy of http://priscillas2000.blogspot.com

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