Spooky Snake Basket

You will need a decorative bucket or pot to start with. The most challenging part of this diy will be to find the “snakes”. Look at local stores that might carry supplies for flower arrangement, or make your own using wire, paper and duct tape to cover. You will need three bendable snakes for each pot. You can half fill the pot with soil to add weight and stability. Add packing peanuts and then some moss on top. This will be the base for your snakes. Place the snakes into the moss, through the packing peanuts and into the soil, this should make them secure so that they don’t fall out. Then bend and arrange them as you like best to create that spooky effect.

You can also make mini versions of these to display indoors, using small sized pots and pipe cleaners covered in duct tape for the snakes.

This project is fun to make and will add an extra level of spookiness to your home this Halloween.

Courtesy of https://thegardeningcook.com

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