Venus Fly Trap Candy Holder

It looks complicated but it is really simple to make and will sure impress your neighbors. You will need a foam pumpkin to start with, from which you will make your venus fly trap design. Choose where you want the mouth of your plant to be and use a pencil to draw it on the pumpkin as a guide. Keep in mind that you will have to fill this with candy so it needs to have room and be sturdy enough to hold the weight.

Use a hot knife or a craft knife to cut along the line you drew and make the mouth. Now you can paint your plant. Use pink colors for the inside of the mouth and green for the outside. Once your paint dries use white to paint the teeth.

You can add a wooden tag that says “Feed Me!” for even more fun to this project. Use a ribbon to add it to your finished project. Use fake leaves and stems to add to your plant, you can also paint these to match the colors you have already used.

Decide how you want to display your candy holder and add the final details, the tag, leaves and stems. Hang it up and fill it with candy and you’re done.

Trick-or-treaters will be excited and scared to put their little hands into this monstrous plant candy holder.

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