Pumpkin Popsical Stick Door Hanger

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Pumpkin Popsical Stick Door Hanger

Popsicle sticks are great for crafting and this project makes perfect use of them. You will need approximately 13 sticks, depending on their size and how big you want your hanger to be. You will need to paint these orange, here is where your  little ones can have a lot of fun. Once the paint has dried, it’s time to assemble your hanger. Place a thin line of glue on the side of each stick and stick 10 of them together.

Pumpkin Popsicle Stick Door Hanger

To prevent your project from sticking where you don’t want it, put some parchment or wax paper underneath until it dries. Then glue the remaining sticks diagonally on the back of your project, this will help it stay together. Use pipe cleaner or ribbon in fun colors and glue it to the back to form a loop for the door hanger.


For the pumpkin face, you can print a template and trace it on vinyl or paper and glue them on your project. If you’re comfortable with drawing, you can even draw the pumpkin face on with a black marker.


And that’s that! Your pumpkin hanger is ready to be displayed. This is a fun and easy project for the whole family, you could even make several of these and give them as gifts.


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Pumpkin Popsical Stick Door Hanger