Halloween Safety

We want all the little Halloween critters to have fun and stay safe this October 31st, so here are TrickorTreatMe’s top  tricks for a safe and happy Halloween!

Safety Trick 1 - Never Trick or Treat Alone

Even the toughest little monster should never Trick or Treat Alone. So grab your zombie friends and go hunting in packs! Not only will you have more fun, but you’ll do your best terrifying in groups.  You will always be able to find a zombie class mate or neighbour who doesn’t have plans for the night and would love to scare up a storm with you.

Safety Trick 2 - Adult Supervision

We think critters 12 and under should always have an adult Witch or Warlock loitering in the background, to cast a spell I necessary, or to carry the lout on their broomsticks toward the end of the night!

For older kids, the pavement is probably close enough for their elder beast to loiter. For pups 5 and under, their adult werewolf should escort them to the door.

Safety Trick 3 - Never cross the threshold

A vampire cannot cross a threshold, and yours shouldn’t either. You can get all your treats and play all your tricks at the doorstep, never beyond. Make sure your little goblins know to never be tempted into an evil lair, no matter what!

Halloween home decoration “walkthroughs” are becoming more popular these days, but these should never be attempted, by spooks of any description, without a senior wizard on hand.’

Safety Trick 4 - Track your teens

We get it…your teenage vampires are way too cool to have the old bat tagging along, and if you tried, they’d probably do a disappearing act! So talk through the planned attack route before they go, and make it a rule of Trick or Treating that your teenagers have their location services turned on on their mobile phones, so that you can watch their reign of terror on one of the GPS tracking apps, like Find Friends or Find my Friends.

Safety Trick 5 - Sundown shutdown

Down under we generally get our neighbourhood terrifying out of the way by sundown. Make sure all the little ghosts and ghouls know when the sun goes down its time to wander back to their home plot in the graveyard.

Older teens may want to stay a little later, but be sure to agree on a time to return to the home dungeon.

Safety Trick 6 - Be Spooktacularly Obvious!

If out after dark, make sure your little apparitions can be seen for maximum scare potential! You can attach reflective tape to their costumes or bags. Alternatively, wearing glow sticks or carrying flashlights is super fun, and will make sure their haunting presence can be seen by homeowners and motorists alike!

Safety Trick 7 - Go Toward the Light

If out after dark, have the little undead stick to well lit streets and footpaths. No lurking in dark alleys!

Choose roads that have streetlights and walk on the lit side of the street.

Safety Trick 8 - Eyes Up, Ghosts and Headless alike!

We know you’ll be super excited to find your next victims on the TrickorTreatMe Map, but goblins and ghouls alike are reminded to put the electronic devices down, keep heads up and walk, don’t run, when crossing the street.

Safety Trick 9 – Test Your Potions

This is the one night of the year your little spirits are free to be themselves, so don’t cover them with masks. Face paint is the best apparition, and wont obstruct their vision.

But before you apply your latest face paint potion to your little Boos, remember – good witches test their spells first before applying them! Try out a small patch first.

Safety Trick 10 - Devour the Spoils at Home

If your little critter has allergies, as so many do these days, remind them that spiders trap and wrap their treats, but do not devour them right away.

Have them wait until you get home to choose the best, safest and most delectable morsels to eat.

Can’t wait to plan your awesome night of Trick or Treating? Remember to check out the Trick of Treat Me Map, or register your home so all the little ghosts and ghouls know where to find you this Halloween!