Adorable Cactus Costume

All you need is white, red, yellow, purple, pink and red yarn, a green dress, a headband, scissors and a hot glue gun.

Cut the white yarn into nine-inch pieces. Fold one piece into two-third and snip the loops open so that you have three separate pieces of yarn that are three inches long. Tie them in a single knot at the center. Repeat the same step for every other piece.

Start pasting the white yarn thorns you just made on to the dress with a heated glue gun. Cover the front, the back and the sleeves too.

What’s a cactus without pom pom flowers! Wrap a bit of yarn around five fingers if you are looking to make a bigger pompom, four fingers if you are making smaller ones. Take the yarn off your fingers and cut a separate little piece of the yarn and tie it around the looped yarn in the middle. Cut through the loops of the yarn so the pieces are straight and separate from each other. Fluff them out and repeat this step for each color.

Hot glue the pom poms to the dress and your headband.

You are done with your cactus dress! Don’t forget to pose like a cactus!

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