Cute Pineapple Costume

Gather these things: three pieces of green felt, hot glue gun, thick old headband (ideally in the color of your hair), a toilet paper roll and a yellow dress.

Once you have gathered everything, start drawing a leaf garland on the green felt keeping around 4 to 5 inches at the bottom of each leaf for the toilet paper roll. Cut out the leaves and paste the leaves to the toilet paper roll.

Keep cutting the felt and pasting the leaves to cover the toilet roll with three layers. You can keep cutting the leaves in varying sizes and lengths to give the pineapple head an unruly look.

If you’d like to cover the top of the paper roll you can add some more individual leaves. The skinnier the better.

Once the leaves have dried well on to the toilet paper roll, you can paste the roll on to the headband. Let it dry well and do not take it for a test run until you are sure that it is sturdy.

There you go! You are  going as a cute pineapple for this year’s Halloween! Stand tall and own it!

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