DIY Popcorn Costume

All you need is a white crop top, a red and white striped mini skirt, white paper and yellow spray paint. You will also need the basic crafting materials including a hot glue gun.

Start by tearing a stack of white paper in half (width wise) and crumple the white paper and ball up the paper in a manner that its edges are folded underneath. Just like real popcorn.

Keep crumpling and folding since you are going to need several dozen of these.

Now take them to a well-ventilated area and spray paint the popcorn you made unevenly. Just like the real deal!

Once dry, start pasting the paper popcorn on to the white shirt with hot glue. You can begin at the neckline and work your way down. You can paste them right next to each other and even overlap them.

Continue all the way down in the front. And let everything dry for a considerable amount of time. Once dry, make sure that every piece of paper has well adhered to the shirt.

There you go! Your super affordable super cute popcorn Halloween costume is done! You can use actual popcorn as a cool prop.

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