Easy Minnie Mouse Costume

You can easily buy a ready-made Minnie costume but where’s the fun in that? And what other way is there to celebrate your Halloween spirit than making your costumes on your own!

All you have to buy is a red color tutu and Minnie ears from a party store. Or, you can even make the Minnie ears with a headband, black card stock and a red ribbon with white polka dots.

The rest is all about getting a black long-sleeved crop top, black stockings and yellow pumps.

Cut out polka dots from black felt and paste them organically on the red tutu. You got your Minnie costume!

Super easy and super cute! You can do this in less than 15 minutes! Not every costume has to be a spooky one!

Courtesy of: http://www.iamstyle-ish.com/2015/10/diy-minnie-mouse-costume.html

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