Fruit Loops Costume

Gather these items: 36-inch balloon, lots of newspaper, flour and water, different colored pool noodles, a large 40 x 60-inch cardboard, high gloss spray paint in white, a thick white ribbon, aluminum foil and art supplies.

Make your paper mache paste with flour and water in one to one ratio. The texture of the paste should be as thick as glue. Tear the newspapers into thin strips and blow up the balloon. Cover half of the balloon with wet paper dipped into the paper mache mixture. After one layer, let it dry completely. Repeat this three more times so that there are four layers.

Once the fourth layer is dry, deflate the balloon. Trim the bowl evenly and cut out a hole for your legs. Spray paint both sides of the bowl. Let the bowl dry well.

Cut the big cardboard into a shape of a spoon handle and hot glue it to the inside of the bowl with a part of it sticking out of the bowl. Paste the foil over the cardboard.

Now, turn your bowl upside down on top of the large piece of cardboard and trace the perimeter of the bowl, then cut out the circle you traced. Then, cut a hole in that circle that you can fit through. This will go at the top of the bowl where you will place your cereal. Place the cardboard inside the bowl one or two inches below from the rim of the bowl and hot glue and duct tape to secure it well to the bowl.

With someone’s help, measure and cut two pieces of ribbons as straps. Once done, hot glue and staple them into the bowl to secure it well.

Start slicing the pool noodles and mix it up well. Start hot gluing the fruit loops to the bottoms of the cardboard and glue the loops on top of each other until the bowl is full.

And you are done! Sure, it takes a few hours to make but this fun and delicious costume is worth all that effort!

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