Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Costume

Sure, this is going to need a bit of effort but who wouldn’t want to be the showstopper at a fun Halloween party!

Start by cutting a circle on the foam board that would fit around the top of the hat. You can use a box cutter. Now, cut the outer edge to make it look like a donut.

Hot glue the foam board you just cut to the brim of the hat.

Stick one tap-on LED light on the very top of the hat. Start pasting white plastic bags with transparent packing tape along the foam board on the brim of the hat. Make sure not to overdo this since the hat will eventually end up being super heavy. You can use around 10 bags for this step.

Now, grab the bubble wrap and completely cover the top part of the hat. Secure the bubble wrap with some hot glue.

Poke holes through the bubble wrap and the foam board (2 where your ears would be and 1 more at the front of the hat. Thread 3 LED lights through the holes and tape the battery packs under the brim of the hat. This way, you can easily replace the batteries when they run out.

Tape more LED lights on top the hat and cover it with bubble wrap again and hot glue the edges of the bubble wrap underneath the brim.

Take a loofah and loosen it. Hot glue it along the circumference of the hat. If there’s any excess loofah, hot glue it underneath the brim, close to the hat’s edge.

Tape the last of the LED strings underneath your hat and tape the battery pack behind your head. Secure the battery pack behind your head.

Grab the second LED tap light and stick it behind your hat and let it fall down your back. Now, cut up the mesh tubing and the ribbons and hot glue them to the brim. Make sure not to glue the ribbons too close to the wires.

Et voila! Your mystical jellyfish costume is done! Just keep swimming through the night!

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