Hot Pink Flamingo

Gather these: hot pink slip dress, around 5 hot pink feather boas, felt or foam sheets in black, hot pink or light pink colors, googly eyes, elastic, hot glue and safety pins.

Take the elastic band and make a fitted waistband which should ideally fit well right around your belly. Now take your feather boas and cut them in half. You can use more boas to make a fluffier flamingo.

Start tying the boas around the waistband except for one half of the boas to be used later for the neck and the head. Make sure that the boas are tied to the elastic band evenly to avoid any long unruly ends from sticking out.

If you are happy with how the body of the flamingo came out, move on to the head. Trace circles on the baby pink, hot pink and black color on felt and cut them out.

Cut out the circle on the baby pink felt as is. Cut out the hot pink circle and cut the circle in half. And cut off around 1-2 inches from the semi-circle you have created. Finally, draw two diagonal lines extending from the top and bottom of the black cardstock in the shape of a cone. Once you are happy with the shape, cut out the shape.

Using a hot glue gun, paste the baby pink circle on the black cardstock and on top of it the hot pink semi-circle. Go ahead and paste a googly eye on your flamingo.

Now, paste the flamingo head at the end of the remaining half-boa. Let it dry well.

For the grand finale, paste the fallen boa feathers on to the pink fascinator and you are done!

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