Ice cream Cone Costume

This is easy to make, cheap and it looks deliciously creative. And all you need is a white tulle bloom skirt, mini popsicle sticks, white crop top or tank, white shoes, brown paper, different colored paints, hot glue gun and safety pins.

Cut the brown color piece of paper diagonally and roll it into a cone. Secure the cone with tape and glue. You can attach the cone to the hair with a few bobby pins or you can also paste the cone on to a headband with hot glue.

Paint the mini popsicle sticks with multiple colors. Hot glue the safety pins to the back of each “sprinkle” and pin it organically throughout the dress. You can also hot glue a few popsicle sticks to the shoes.

How cute and fabulous is that! And it didn’t even take half a day!

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