Jelly Belly Costume

The main elements of this costume are balloons in a clear trash bag. Blow up your balloons first, but not all the way, you want to make sure they are not too big. Lay the bag flat and cut two circles at the bottom for your child’s legs to fit through. Then have your child step in the bag and pull it up, to see where you need to cut for the arms to go through. Once these are ready, have your child step in again and fill the bag with balloons. Not too many, so that your child can move freely. You can arrange the bag to be comfortable and close it in the back using a rubber band or ribbon.

The final step is to place the logo on the bag, which you can print from the internet. It’s best to wait until the last minute to do this, so you can have a good idea of the placement. You can use hot glue or tape, it will work just as well.

This costume is sure to steal the show this Halloween season!

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