Kitty Kat Costume

All you need is a faux fur coat, a headband, white boa, some brown gloves and some baby pink and brown felt. The rest is up to your makeup skills.

Cut up the baby pink felt in the shape of paws and hot glue them to the brown wool gloves. Cut out diamond shapes from the brown and what’s left from the baby pink felt. the baby pink diamonds should be smaller than the brown felt diamonds. Hot glue them on top of each other and then onto the headband.

Cut the white or brown feather boa in half and tuck its end into the pants. You can trim the boa at the end to give it a more “tail” like look.

As said before, the rest up to the makeup. Curl your hair and follow cute cat makeup tutorial found online with just a few clicks.

Puuurrfect! Step out into the night and trick like a cat!


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