Queen Bee Costume

Get ready with a yellow dress, if you do not have one you can also dye a white dress with a golden yellow color. Sew some black stripes around the dress to make it look like a bee.

For the bee wings, you can use two black hangers and light gray nylon socks. You can use black duct tape and a quarter of black elastic.

Bend the hangers to resemble wings leaving a bit at the end to straight with ease in order to attach them together in the middle. With the black duct tape, you can cover up the sharp ends of the hangers. Pull the socks over the hangers and tie it well.

On a piece of paper, draw some bee veins with a black marker. Keep each hanger on the paper with the bee wing vein and trace them on the sock. Repeat it on the other wing.

Tie two black pieces of ribbons in shape of a circle so that you can wear the bee wings like a backpack.

Every queen bee needs a crown. For this, you will need a piece of wire. Bend it in a circle. Attach two metal ornamental combs to the wire circle. Test it on your head and see it if fits comfortably.

If you have a headband for the antennas, cut the headband in half. Peel away some of the outer wraps to bring out the inner wire. Wrap the ends around the wire ring with the combs.

For the crown, you can just download a crown template and trace it on a piece of cardstock. Connect the ends together and test to see if the size fits on your head. Now trace the crown on the gold foam. Cut it out and leave a bit of excess at both ends. You can trim the excess later.

With a sewing needle, sew the gold crown to the wire circle. You may use a golden thread. Glue the rhinestones to the crown if you can’t assume the line, you can use a piece of paper tape to keep the rhinestones in line.

You can hot glue to fix an ornamental brooch to the front of the crown if you have!

There you go! Your fun and easy queen bee costume is ready for Halloween! Get buzzy!

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