Snail Costume

The main thing you need for this adorable Halloween Costume is brown kraft paper. You will also use masking tape, a headband, styrofoam balls, ribbon and a glue gun to put everything together. For the shell you can crumple up a large piece of brown paper and roll it, then shape it into a shell shape adding tape to hold it in place. Once you have the size you want use the glue gun to secure the shape so that it doesn’t unravel. Make another half shell and glue the two sides together, the take a square of cardboard, mount it to the shell and attach ribbon to make it like a backpack.

For the head band, use crumpled and rolled brown paper that stands on its own and add styrofoam to the end. You will need two of these. Hot glue the sections to the headband and voila: your snail costume is ready.

This costume looks amazing and your little one might even help you make it. Crumpling up brown paper sounds like fun!

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