Spider Web Costume

You just need felt, black yarn, and plastic spiders. To design the web, fold your felt in half lengthwise and trace a rounded line along the edge with a marker. Then use a circular object (like a bowl) to trace half circle sections which you will then cut out to make the edge of the costume. You should also trace a half circle in the middle of the fold and cut it out, this will be the neckline. After cutting all the sections, unfold the felt and cut a slit up the middle of one side (this will be the back).

Now that you have your basic shape, you can make the web by hot gluing yarn onto the felt. Then add your spider and you’re done.

Pair it with black shoes and attach a spider to a hair clip for added effect. You can hold the back of the costume closed using a bobby pin or two pieces of ribbon which you can tie together.

You could also add embellishments to this costume and maybe even make it sparkly. This little spider web will be perfect for Halloween.

Courtesy of http://www.prettyplainjanes.com/

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