Help us Keep Spreading the Joy

Did you know Trick or Treat Me is run by volunteers with our own time and money?

Hi There, I’m a single Mum and I began the free TrickorTreatMe Halloween site over 6 years ago to help kids all around Australia find Halloween friendly houses to go Trick or Treating. The idea came to me one day after my son and his friends had door after door slammed in thier faces on Halloween. I didn’t want any kids to have to go through that again.
I have spent my life savings, over $175,000 building and refining TrickorTreatMe. We have over over 100,000 people visit the site every Halloween looking for great haunting spots! I am very proud of the site and love that people really get on board. But with servers and Google Map services and web developers, it is expensive to run.
If your family have enjoyed our site and you can afford to donate a dollar or two, it will be extremely helpful to keep the site running, and continue to grow.


With love, joy and thanks