Top 5 Organic Halloween Treats for Trick or Treat

Here at Trick or Treat Me, we love Halloween. But we are also a health-conscious lot! Does that make us a contradiction? We think not! We love to give out something wonderful to all the Trick or Treaters who come calling on October 31st, but we also do our best to make sure it’s a treat with the best interests of the little ghosts and ghouls in mind.

Home-made Halloween Treats can be delicious and nutritious, but we get it, they’re also time consuming. So we are here to help you and your little Monsters stay happy and healthy this Halloween!

We reviewed a bunch of commercially available certified organic treats and have come up with our Top 5 to help you navigate the healthier Trick or Treat options this Halloween.

1.    Lovely Organic Fruit Chews

These indulgent fruit flavoured chews were… well… lovely. The soft texture and strong fruit flavours made them pop in the mouth and were a pleasure to eat. Lovely organic chewy candies come in three flavours; lemon, cherry and strawberry. For us they ticked all the boxes being certified organic, gluten free, vegan and non-GMO.

We got 24 individually wrapped chews per bag, which cost us AU$7.50. Assuming 2 lollies per serving, this works out at around AU$0.63 per serving, so they are also reasonably budget conscious.

You can order your Lovely Organic Chewy Candies here.

The Lovely Candy Company Organic Fruit Chewy Candies 142 g, 142 g

2.    Yum Earth Organic Pops

As good or better tasting than any lollipop on the market, the Yum Earth Organic Pops were our next favourite. They come in four great flavours; Pomegranate pucker, perfectly peach, strawberry smash and very very cherry.

The Yum Earth Lollipops are certified organic, gluten free, non GMO, dairy free, nut free and are naturally flavoured and coloured with nothing but fruit juice. Combined with great taste, we think that makes these treats a winner for Halloween.

There were 14 lollipops in a bag, and we paid AU$5.67, making each lollipop an economical 41c each.

You can order you Yum Earth Organic Pops here

Yum Earth Organic Assorted Fruit Pops 85g

3.    Lovely Organic Hard Candies

The Lovely Candy Company have done it again with their Lovely Organic Hard Candies. For those who prefer a hard sweet, these individually wrapped candies are bursting full of natural flavour and a delight to eat. Flavours included Cherry, Grape and Apple.
These mouth-watering candies are certified organic, vegan, gluten free, Non GMO and have nothing artificial.

We paid AU$7.50 for a pack of 20 candies. Assuming 2 lollies per serve, the cost per serve is approximately 63c.

You can order your Lovely Organic hard candies here.

The Lovely Candy Company Organic Hard Candies 142 g, 142 g

4.    Byron Bay Cookie Company

You may not immediately think of cookies as a classic Halloween Trick or Treating gift, but why not? With the kids getting bagfulls of chocolate and lolly treats, your cookie will be the delicious stand out treat!

We tested the Byron Bay Cookie Company Organic Wildlife Banana Flavoured Cookies. There are also a cocoa and malt flavour in their Organic Wildlife Range.

We loved everything about this cookie. There were ten individually wrapped packets in each box. The wrapping design was super fun, featuring all sorts of iconic Australian animals and, well…a brown bear.

The are a softer style cookie, so suitable for all ages, and were just yummy. They are certified organic, gluten free and have nothing artificial. Not just for Halloween, these cookies will make a great treat for kids big and small, all year round.

We paid AU$5.95 per box, making each serve just shy of $AU0.60 each. We think this makes a tasty and economical treat alternative for Trick or Treating this Halloween.

You can order your Byron Bay Cookie Company Organic Wildlife Cookies here

Byron Bay Cookies Organic Wildlife Banana Biscuits, 100 g

5.    Koochikoo Organic Pops

The final organic treat featured in our Top 5 is the Koochikoo Organic Lollipops. These lollipops are certified organic, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan and have no added sugar.

Koochikoo Pops come in four interesting flavours of pineapple orange, Fuji Apple, Pomegranate Blueberry and Blueberry Lemon. They have an attractive swirl of the two colours and are a tasty treat.

The fact that these organic pops have no added sugar really sets them apart from some other organic treats. So if you are conscious of sugar, then these are definitely the Halloween treat for your little Trick or Treaters.

We bought a packet of 10 for AU$7.95, making the pops ~AU$0.80 each.

You can buy them in a packet of 10 or 20

Koochikoo Sugar Free Organic 4 Flavor Lollipops Pouch, 62g

So there you have it. We think you’ll love our Top 5 Organic Treats for Trick or Treat this Halloween.

Happy Halloween!