Halloween Treats

Check out these amazing and delightfully tantalizing Halloween Treats to make your Halloween party or Treat Bag shine!


  • Monster Mouths

    Monster Mouths
    These cool little monster mouths are cute, tasty and even healthy!
  • Strawberry Ghosts

    Strawberry Ghosts
    Super simple and somewhat healthy, these strawberry ghosts are the perfect Halloween Treat
  • Scary Truffles

    Scary Truffles
    If you like creepy candies, these Bloody Truffles are for you! They’re soft cake truffles with an optional cherry filling, decorated with candy weapons and a bit of edible “blood.” Perfect for scaring your friends and family!
  • Witches Hats

    Witches Hats
    These chocolate witches’ hats are super simple and only need three ingredients: Hershey’s Kisses, chocolate covered cookies and a tube of icing. Best of all, they’re easy enough that the kids can make them.
  • Eerie Eyeball Pops

    Eerie Eyeball Pops
    These spooky chocolate cake balls will be a hit with kids at Halloween - they can help decorate them too
  • Chocolate Cherry Mice

    Chocolate Cherry Mice
    Chocolate Cherry Mice are the cutest little treats! Creamy chocolate covered cherries with an adorable mouse face that kids love to make and eat.
  • Chocolate Cookie Spiders

    Chocolate Cookie Spiders
    These cute little chocolate spiders will have everyone gasping with delight. They are super tasty and look great too.
  • Rice Bubble Pumpkins

    Rice Bubble Pumpkins
    These Rice Bubble Treat pumpkins are ADORABLE! We're sure they'll be the talk of the party.
  • Ghost Meringue Cookies

    Ghost Meringue Cookies
    These Ghost Meringue Cookies are a super fun Halloween treat and can be served alone or as a cupcake topper.
  • Pretzel and Cheese Broomsticks

    Pretzel and Cheese Broomsticks
    An edible broomstick is a fun savoury treat for your Halloween party!
  • Stuffed Jack-o-Lantern Capsicums

    Stuffed Jack-o-Lantern Capsicums
    Cheesy, savory, hearty, and perfect for Halloween party. These Cheesy Chicken And Rice Stuffed Capsicums are incredibly easy to make and SO delicious!
  • Green Monster Slime Bark

    Green Monster Slime Bark
    Get ready for a terrifying treat: this green chocolate bark is covered in creepy crawlers.
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